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REWIND outdoor gear

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Our most popular essentials for hiking, camping and other outdoor adventures.

Hiking backpack

Hiking backpack for day trips

Dome tent

Spacious dome tent, ideal for camping trips


Powerful and versatile headlamp


13 essential tools in one

Trekking pole set

Telescopic trekking pole set for a sure step

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REWIND outdoor gear: embrace your outdoors

Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just want to relax, REWIND products simply work. No nonsense – just the essentials. High-performance outdoor equipment that is functional, stylish and affordable. Fresh designs that combine energy with harmony, just like nature. Plus, we compensate for the CO2 footprint of our products because, as a world, we need to relearn how to live with nature. To rewind a little.

Whatever your outdoors looks like
REWIND supports your outdoor needs. From the moment you head outside, no matter what you plan to do and support you in hiking, trekking, camping, boating or literally hanging out.

Whatever your outdoors looks like, our functional products help you embrace it, recharge yourself, and get back to basics and what really matters.


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In harmony with nature: Climate-neutral REWIND outdoor gear

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REWIND products: got you covered outdoors

The REWIND story is all about creating the products you need to make the most of your outdoor adventures. And the key to having a good time is to have the right equipment for what you want to do. Not more than you need, but certainly not less. Just right. That’s what we specialise in.

REWIND hiking backpack

REWIND hiking backpack

Our hiking backpack, for example, is big enough to handle your gear on a comfortable daytime walk. Extra clothes, rain gear, food – that kind of thing. But at a roomy 30 litres, it also has enough space to pull off a memorable overnight hike as well. Throw in a sleeping bag, bivvy bag and a small stove and you’re good to go. Or strap on a lightweight tent. With a comfort fit design that your shoulders will thank you for, multiple storage options, multiple access options and an integrated rain cover, it will have you embracing your outdoors in no time.

REWIND trekking poles

REWIND trekking poles

To help you get where you’re going even more easily, our telescopic trekking poles adjust to your perfect height for any terrain. And then they stay there. No slipping. They include snow baskets for winter hiking in snow, summer baskets for hiking in, err, summer, and rubber pads for both gravel and asphalt. Whatever’s going on underfoot, and no matter how big the load you’re hauling, our poles will get you to your destination more securely. And being lightweight and collapsible, they’re easy to take with you just in case.

REWIND headlamp

REWIND headlamp

Maybe you’re having such a good time that you lose track of how late it is. No worries. Our rechargeable headlamp will ensure you stay on the right path. Or help you set up camp in the dark. One-button operation, hands-free, a useful 200 lumens and a range of up to 170 metres, it’s got what you need when what you need is to see.

REWIND multitool

REWIND multitool

Another essential you won’t want to leave home without is the REWIND multifunctional tool – 13 (yes, count them) essential tools in one. Opening cans, bottles and dried meals, cutting wood and tightening screws on your equipment… the list goes on. It’s comfortable to use, built not to break, and once you’ve used it, you’ll never want to be without it again.

REWIND 3-person dome tent

REWIND 3-person tent

And last but absolutely not least, the best outdoor adventures are overnight, because there’s nothing like camping off-grid. So you’ll need somewhere to sleep. A tent sounds right. And what a tent we have for you. A robust three-person dome tent that’s a breeze to pitch and strong in a gale. So you can ride out whatever Mother Nature throws your way. It also features outstanding UV protection and dependable waterproofing, vestibule storage for backpacks and camping gear, plus a net to keep bugs out.

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Embrace your outdoors

So that’s a look at some REWIND outdoor gear and why it’s all you need and nothing you don’t. Now go and embrace your outdoors.
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